2017,The first batch herbal extract of Shaanxi Yongyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd
The best herbals make the herbal extracts, the best herbal extracts can cultivate high-quality customers.Yong yuan Bio has been committed to produce high quality herbal extracts, many of our customers are starting from the purchase amount of 1 kg, our good products helped customers quickly won market, the purchase amount increase quickly, grow with our customers. We have been on the road.
Thank you for the support of our old customers, at the beginning of 2017, Our business is booming.The first batch of the new herbal extract had produced,such as Reishi Mushroom Extract , Astragalus Extract, White Kidney Bean Extract, Oriental Raisin Tree Extract (Seed), Angelica Extract.
We hope to serve you and help you succeed in 2017,We also can research and develop new products in according to your demand, welcome to contact me by sending email to yysale2@herbalextractcn.com  


















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