“Stay sober” products use Pueraria lobata and Semen Hoveniae
Chinese wine culture has a long history. In recent years, more and more people got alcohol poisoning and liver injury due to excessive drinking. With the improvement of living standards, increasingly importance has been attached to health issue. In this way, it has become an urgent demand for the development of safe and effective products with the function of protecting liver and neutralizing the effect of alcohol. Chinese medicine, has a long history and rich resources in our country. In the medicine records, there are a lot of application deinebriating with different herbs among which is Pueraria lobata and Semen Hoveniae.
In recent years, Pueraria lobata and Semen Hoveniae have been approved by the Ministry of Health of the PRC for medecinal and edible plants. And “Stay sober” products and beverages, which take Pueraria lobata and Semen Hoveniae as raw material, increased gradually and widely accepted by the market.
In Chinese Mediceine, Semen Hoveniae refers to the Mature seeds and flower inflorescence axis of fruit of Semen Hoveniae. It maily distributed in in Shaanxi, Gansu,Zhejiang area with the function of neutralizing the effect of alcohol, preventing thirst and controlling vomit.
Its earliest application was recorded in “Tang materia medica”. Sun Simiao, the “king of hrebal medicine” described Semen Hoveniae in his famous book“Supplement to Valuble Prescription” with “Semen Hoveniae......build a house with its wood, the wine in the house smell and taste insipid.” Modern pharmacological experiments suggest Semen Hoveniae affect on liver-protection, detoxification, diuretic effect, which is in accordence with the traditonal Conventional wisdom.
In Traditonal Chinese medicine, Pueraria lobata is the dried root of Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi whish is maily distributed in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, LiaoNing area. And it is called kudzu root in Western country. Pueraria lobata has the function of bring down a fever, slaking thirst and helping produce saliva. Its earliest application was recorded in “ShengNong’s Herbal(Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing)”. In “Valuble Prescriptions for Emergencies” written by Sun Simiao, there is a record about treat drunk with the juice of fresh Pueraria lobata. Recorded in “Augmented Materia Medica”, Pueraria lobata Powder has a good function for drunk and thirsty. Modern pharmacological research and experiments prove Pueraria lobata Extract can inhibit the absorption of alcohol, accelerate the metabolism of alcohol, and increase the tolerance to alcohol.
Modern clinical experiments show that Semen Hoveniae and Pueraria lobata are the important herbs and Medicine for neutralizing the effect of alcohol.
This conclusion is recognized by doctors over the ages.
As a high quality manufacturer and supplier, Shaanxi produces Semen Hoveniae Extract and Pueraria lobata Extract with top quality raw material. The manufacture process includes extracion, flitering, concentating, spring drying and mixing,etc.
Semen Hoveniae Extract and Pueraria lobata Extract can be applied in beverage with good water solubility. And can be also used in capsule and pills products for liver-protection and “Stay sober”.

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