Maca Extract used for beverage
 Maca, as a kind of raw material for the pure natural health care products, it rich in protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, known as "natural compound". If the maca extract used in the development of functional drinks, not only can omit some addition of the functional factors, but also simplifies the production process, so as to achieve more with less.
   Maca P.E. belongs to cruciferae herb, native to the high altitude of the andes in South America, its roots like small round radish, elliptical leaves, it has been thousands of years of cultivation history. Maca natural growth conditions is extremely harsh and unique, can be survive in low humidity, strong wind, no fertilizer, hypoxia, barren land which under 40 degrees temperature difference between day and night, it cold resistant and drought tolerant, resistance to flooding, known as rare and fine species by international plant sciences experts. International botanists and medical experts through long-term studies have found that, Maca contains four alkaloids, glucosinolates, a variety of vitamins, such as protein, amino acid, polysaccharides, minerals and a variety of natural plant active ingredient. These compounds have been confirmed related with its fatigue resistance, antidepressant, increase fertility, regulating endocrine. In addition, maca is rich in 55 kinds of natural nutrients, when processed into products do not need to add any chemical additives.
Macaenes and Macamides is a unique element in maca, that is the core material to achieve maca’s effect, they can bring extraordinary vitality to people and animals.
    After a large number of applications, the market has developed a variety of flavors and styles of functional drinks, such as represented by blueberry flavor and peach flavor is "sweet" maca beverages, represented by red bull flavor called "refreshing" maca beverages.
   Shaanxi Yongyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is painstaking research for many years, to develop the pure natural maca extract, select the best-quality raw material, adopting advanced composite green extraction technology, preparation combined with the biotechnology. Not only nearly complete retained the rich nutrients of maca, also contains maca’s unique flavor, fully embodies the product characteristics.

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