Ginkgo biloba Extract and water soluble Green Tea Extract in cosmetics
Ginkgo biloba Extract and water soluble Green Tea Extract in cosmetics
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 In recent years, the development of cosmetics tend to pursue the natural and effective function. Because of its natural, low irritation and high security, cosmetics with natural plant extract as active ingredient become more and more popular. These products are both natural and effective and can solve different skin problems and improve skin quality. Ginkgo biloba extract and Green Tea extract are the widely used natural ingredinets applied in cosmetics.
 A large number of studies at home and abroad have shown that the chemical composition of Ginkgo biloba is complex, and the main biological active ingredients are flavonoids, terpene lactones, organic acids, organic alcohols, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and so on. Ginkgo biloba flavonoid is a powerful scavenger of oxygen free radicals, which can affect the protection of skin cells from excessive oxygen free radical oxidation, protect the dermis cells, improve blood circulation, prevent cell oxidation, thus prolonging the life of skin cells. Also, it can reduce the formation rate of lipid peroxide, and enhance its ability to delay aging.
 Adding Ginkgo biloba extract in cleansing products can not only deep cleansing pores completely, but also can effectively prevent pigment formation and deposition in the dermis to achieve the effect of skin whitening. Lactone contained in Ginkgo biloba can accelerate metabolism and enhance cell viability. Research Report published by German scientists showed that Ginkgo biloba extract has the effect of dilating blood vessels, promoting microcirculation, reducing blood viscosity and increasing blood flow, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells including basal cells. Ginkgo biloba extract also has the function of spectral sterilization. It has obvious inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Epidermophyton floccosum, and this antibacterial effect can work at very low concentration.
 In one word, Ginkgo biloba extract is an valuble ingredient for functional cosmetics.
 Tea polyphenols are the general term for polyphenols in green tea. Study shows that tea polyphenols and other active substances with detoxification and anti radiation effect, is a new type of natural antioxidant, which can inhibition of collagenase and elastase, maintain skin elasticity, and achieve anti wrinkle effect. Meantime, tea polyphenols has bactericidal effect, and can anti - skin aging, reducing UV damage to skin. Sunscreen agents are mostly oil-soluble compounds, some of which are irritating to the skin,While the sunscreen with water soluble tea polyphenols as the active ingredient are Natural and safe. It can resist ultraviolet radiation, Scavenge free radicals induced by UV and reduce melanin.
 Green Tea extract used in shampoo can achieve the effect of deodorant itching; for hair care, it can improve hair gloss, smoothness, softness, reduce greasy hair and prevent hair loss; for Hair Coloring, colored material therein for semi permanent hair dyeing and uniform persistent staining. Domestic and foreign patent products are personal care products. Yang Sheng Tang usetea polyphenols as dyes. L'OREAL applied Green Tea extract for semi-persistent hair Coloring and permanent hair Coloring. In Europe and USA, Green Tea extract is mainly used for anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and anti dandruff in shampoo, spray, gel and so on. Unilever uses Green Tea extract to improve greasy hair caused by excessive sebum secretion, prevent hair aging, hair lost and hair luster lose. Johnson & Johnson uses green tea extract to treat acne and large porese.
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