“Return to nature” --The application of natural plant extracts in cosmetics

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In recent years, as people’s demand of advocate and return to natural is increases, active ingredients of plant extracts have been widely and effectively used in cosmetics. Take our products of willow herb, white tea, ginseng as example, introduce its application in cosmetics.


Willowherb Extract

Willowherb is the whole herb of Chamaenerionangustifolium (l.) Scop. Willowherb extract mainly contain flavonoids, tritepenoidic acid, tannin. Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, lubrication, convergence, allergy, etc. Experimental results show that the willowherb extract used in skin care products can be quickly defeated the skin redness and swelling, the effect same as corticosteroids, it has very good inhibitory and absorption effect to free radicals, and there is a certain inhibitory effect on propionibacterium acnes, It is a plant medicine that is used to treat scalding and skin healing.

Skin whitening is often associated with the number of black cells. The black cells of the skin can be divided into two categories: one is produced by the body itself, which is called endogenous. The other is produced from the outside, which is called exogenous. The skin care product contains the active ingredient which extract from natural plant willowherb, can interfere with the increase of melanocytes and break down the melanocytes, cut off computer radiation, added nutrients, often use can make skin beautiful white and delicate. The study found that willowherb had a good inhibition of tyrosinase, which combined with its broad-spectrum antioxidant activity, can be used as skin whitening and anti-aging effect. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Under excessive sun exposure condition, the skin protection ability decreases and easy to be damaged, sunburn: the skin redness, has the ache feeling. Products contain soothing ingredients - willowherb extracts, which can help to reduce the pain feeling of sunburn. Gently repair the skin and restore the healthy vitality of the skin.


White Tea Leaf Extract (Cameia Sinensis)

In the ancient times, Li shizhen mentioned that white tea has a moisturizing effect in “Ben Cao Gang Mu”. Now the modern science add white tea extract to skin care products. White tea has the good effect of anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-skin cancer.

The body's fitness, especially the skin's bodybuilding and the intake of vitamins has a great relationship. And white tea is rich in vitamin, can replenish essential vitamins for human body, so it has quite "magic" beauty effect. The free radical content of white tea is "lowest" in the study of free radicals in tea by Guo-gen liu of Hunan Aricultural University and other people. The excess free radicals are an important reason for the aging and lesions of the body, and the free radicals of other tea are 1.6 to 143 times higher than white tea. White tea flavonoids content is "highest". Flavonoids have a strong antioxidant effect, flavonoids of white tea increased 16.2 times in the processing process, and is 14.2-21.4 times of other tea process. The content of tea polyphenols in white tea is higher. Comparing white tea with other tea and other antioxidants in the clinical tests, the results were encouraging. White tea is 100 percent more effective than green tea because content of tea polyphenols in white tea is three times of green tea. White tea has an effective antioxidant function, which can strengthen skin resistance, prevent the external environment from causing discomfort to skin and premature aging problems, keep skin durable smooth. America's largest cosmetics company Estee Lauder, Its Origins brand is first devoted to studying the whitening and beauty characteristics of white tea, the "A Perfect World White Tea skin care series" extracted whitening active ingredients from white tea, it can protect the skin against environment erodes to the skin, and can automatically repair. The Origins claims to use this white tea skin care products for long time, the skin will be strong, visible speckle formed by natural aging will also decrease. INOHERB cosmetic company push out “Revitalizing Sleeping Mask”, its polyphenol ingredient can effectively suppress free radical activities, improve detoxification and defense efficacy of human body, and help to delay the skin aging.


Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is the dry root of the (Pnaxa Ginseng c. a. Mev), and Ginseng saponin is the main active ingredient, which has the function of skin care and uv protection.

Ginseng extract has a strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is a natural addition of high-grade cosmetics. It has significant effect on women freckles, brown spots, butterfly spots and old skin pigmentation. Because ginseng contain a variety of ginseng saponin, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Add it into skin care products can promote blood circulation of subcutaneous capillaries, increase skin nutrition, prevent arteriosclerosis, regulate skin moisture balance, and so on. So it can delay skin aging, prevent skin dried dehydrated, increase the elasticity of the skin, so as to protect the skin luster, soft, prevent and reduce the skin wrinkles. Ginseng active material also has reduction performance of restrain melanin, make the skin white and smooth. Suwhasoo’s  “Concentrated Ginseng Cream”, Kose’s “Cream Excellent” all contains the active ingredients of ginseng, insist on using the ginseng skincare products for a long time, can enhance skin elasticity, make cells reborn. Used in hair product, can strengthen the toughen of hair, prevent hair loss and white hair, long term use it can make hair black shine. Studies have shown that ginseng saponins have obvious anti-oxidation effects. At present, ginsenoside as an antioxidant active substance has been applied to food, medicine and cosmetics.


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