2017 Hot selling Plant extract of European

Since our establishment, many kinds of natural plant extracts of our products, already exported to 68 countries around the world. The European market has always been famous for its strict standards,with our excellent quality and excellent service, Shaanxi Yongyuan Bio has won the heart of European customers., the growth of European exports continued in 2017, and quality complaints and return rate is zero. In 2017 our main products list which exports to Europe as follows, We sincerely welcome European natural health products companies or trade companies with European channel resources to negotiate and cooperate!

Reishi Mushroom Extract;

Astragalus root Extract ;

White Kidney Bean Extract;

Althaea root extract;

Tilia Cordata Extract;

Verbasci flos P.E.;

Gentiane radix P.E.;

Elderberry P.E.;

Verbenae herba P.E.;

Uva Ursi extract;

Horsetail Extract;

Nettle extract;

Boswellia Extract;

Sorrel herb Extract;

Angelica Root Extract;

Rheum Officinale Extract;

Isatis Root Extract;

Dandelion Extract;

Hawthorn Extract;



Green tea Extract ;

Ginkgo Biloba extract;

Grape Seed Extract;

Milk Thistle Extract;

Fireweed Extract

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