Ziziphus jujube P.E. Red Jujube Powder, Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract
NAMEZiziphus jujube P.E. Red Jujube Powder, Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract  
Category:Ratio herbal extract
Effect:Regulate gastrointestinal tract

Product Name:Ziziphus jujube P.E. Red Jujube Powder, Ziziphus Jujuba Fruit ExtractZiziphi Jujubae Extract

Brand:Yongyuan Bio.

Ziziphi Jujubae Extract is one of Yongyuan Bio’s star products, 100% natural, stable quality. It has been exported to the USA and Europe with 100% Customer satisfaction. We have Ziziphi Jujubae Extract available all the year around, MOQ:1kg.

Latin name:Ziziphus jujuba Mill.
Use Part:fruit
Test Method:TLC
cAMP30%μg/ml ;10:1
Appearance:Red Brown Powder
Ziziphi Jujubae Extract
Function: In the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Ziziphus jujuba Mill. has the function of Invigorating the spleen and stomach, supplementing qi and promoting the production of body fluid.

Modern pharmacological studies show that CAMP in jujube is involved in many physiological and biochemical processes such as cell division and differentiation, morphogenesis, glycogen and lipolysis, steroid production and so on. It can act on gene transcription and affect protein synthesis. More importantly, cAMP has a significant effect on the improvement of various tumors. It can effectively prevent the formation of nitrite in human body, thereby inhibiting the formation and proliferation of cancer cells, and even enabling cancer cells to transform into normal cells.

In addition, the three terpenoids, which are rich in jujube, have the effect of inhibiting cancer cells, especially with the strongest effect of crataegic acid.

Antioxidant: rich in vitamin C in jujube has a strong antioxidant activity and promote collagen synthesis, oxidation can participate in tissue reduction reaction, associated with a variety of substances in the body's metabolism, adequate vitamin C can promote the growth and development, enhance physical strength, reduce fatigue.

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.


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