Stevia Leaf Extract,Sweetening chrysanthemum P.E.
NAMEStevia Leaf Extract,Sweetening chrysanthemum P.E.  
Category:Standard herbal extract

Product name: Stevia Leaf Extract, Sweetening chrysanthemum P.E.

Plant part used: Stevia leaf

Main ingredients: Stevia Glycosides

Specification: Stevia 90%,95%,
Appearance:White powder

Stevia Leaf Extract Description: stevioside is a new natural sweetener which extracted from Stevia, a herbaceous plant from Compositae, and South America using Stevia as herbs and sweeteners have hundreds of years of history. The sweetness of stevioside is 200-350 times that of sucrose but the calorie is only 1/300 of sucrose. International sweetener industry data show that stevioside are widely used in the production of food, beverage and condiment in Asia, North America, South America and the EU. China is the main Stevia producer in the world.

Stevia Leaf Extract Function: Prevention of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dental caries and other.

Stevioside application: can be used to make flavor food, candy and so on. It can also be used as a flavor modifying agent. Longer shelf life than sucrose products. Inhibit the smell of certain foods and drugs, instead of sugar for the pharmaceutical production, syrup, granule, pill. It can also be used in condiments, pickles products, toothpaste, cosmetics and cigarettes, etc.. Stevioside can be used in a variety of beverages, such as low energy cola drinks, JLIBAO, WA HA HA. In the domestic market, such as hypoglycemic tea (Kang Ningcha), Ninghong slimming tea, oolong pearl jujube tea, safflower tea, ect. all containing Stevia ingredients, some of which have been sold to foreign markets. Stevia Kangle, stevia moon cakes, biscuits and so on become the nutrition products, health care products, as well as special needs food for children and elderly people.

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.


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