Category:Standard Extract
SIZE:200,000u/g~2,000,000u/g,30,000 USP u/mg

Product name: Papain enzyme

Latin name: Carieapapaya

Part Used: fruit

Specification: 200,000u/g~2,000,000u/g,30,000 USP u/mg

Appearance: Light Yellow or White fine powder

Test Method:UV

Papain enzyme Description: Papain also known as papaya enzyme. Papain is a pure natural biological enzyme products from papaya plant immature fruit extracted by biological engineering technology, which is composed of 212 amino acids, the molecular weight is 21000, which belongs to the sulfhydryl (- SH) endopeptidase, with protease and esterase activity, its specificity is widely, has the strong ability of the hydrolysis of proteins, polypeptides, esters, amides, and also has the ability of synthesize, protein hydrolysates can be re-synthesized to protein substances, this ability can be used to improve the nutritional value and functional properties of animal and plant protein.

 Papain enzyme Application: widely used in food, beer, health care products, cosmetics, textile, feed, leather processing and other industries.


The reaction temperature is 20--80, changed according to the kind and concentration of the substrate. The suitable temperature is 50--65.

pH value is 3—9, changed according to the kind and concentration of the substrate .The suitable pH value is 6—7.

Enzyme recruitment is 0.2—0.6%(1000—3000u/g protein), adjusted according to different kinds of substrate.

 Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.


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