Octacosanol,Policosanol, Saccharum Extract, Sugarcane Extract, Cera flava extract, Rice bran Extract
NAMEOctacosanol,Policosanol, Saccharum Extract, Sugarcane Extract, Cera flava extract, Rice bran Extract  

Product name:Octacosanol,Policosanol, Saccharum Extract, Sugarcane Extract,Cera flava extract, Rice bran Extract

Latin name:Sugarcane wax,rice bran wax, Cera flava

Active Ingredient: Octacosanol

Specification: Octacosanol 50%,60%

Appearance: White fine powder

Test Method:GC

CAS No:557-61-9 
Molecular Formula:C28H58O 
Molecular Weight:410.77

Brand:Yongyuan Bio.

Octacosano Description: Octacosanol(1-Octacosanol) is a natural high fatty alcohols, widely distributed in animal skins and organs, the wax secreted by insects, and lipid in the plant of roots, stems, leaves, shell, seed. Octacosanol is recognized as a health-care functional substance in the world. It can be developed as an ideal natural health food additive and anti fatigue sports drink. The General Standard of Health (functional) Food (GB16740-1997) inChina has been listed octacosanol as the functional ingredients of health food.

Octacosano Efficacy: it has the efficacy of anti fatigue, blood lipid lowering, liver protection and so on. It can be used for the early Parkinson's of old people.

Octacosano Application: Octacosanol is a kind of new functional food additives, can be made into candy, cakes, sports drinks, anti fatigue beverage, health care capsules, health food etc.. For health care products, octacosanol is a promoter of calcitonin formation, which can be used to prevent osteoporosis caused by hypercalcemia and stimulate physiological functions of animals and humans. The use of cosmetics can promote blood circulation, improve oxygen delivery and basal metabolic rate, and enhance skin activity through skin absorption. For feed, it can increase the ability of the fish to resist the adversity, improve the physical strength, reduce the death rate of the fish in the process of capture and transportation, and keep the high vitality in the market.

Octacosano Functional food applications: the United States New foods- Octacosanol powder, American Solarayine- energy food, American Uniproine, the anti fatigue beverages of the Suntory Company in Japan, the sports candy of Roche company in Japan, the GOLD-NI capsule and “Vivid" in Japanese company.

Octacosano Health care products: Biosuisse Royal Jelly Imperial capsules produced by Atlantis company. Nutrilab company produced stamiplex capsule,Twinlab capsule, Energe-Activator capsule. Natol MBA Thermatol capsules produced by Coutrylife company. Garada international company produced LESSTANOL series products.

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.


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