Hawthorn Flower and Leaf Extract, Hawthorn leaf Extract, Crataegi folium cum flore Extract
NAMEHawthorn Flower and Leaf Extract, Hawthorn leaf Extract, Crataegi folium cum flore Extract  
Category:Standard herbal extract
SIZE:Total flavone 25%,80%,90% UV

Product name: Hawthorn Flower and Leaf Extract, Hawthorn leaf Extract, Crataegi folium cum flore Extract

Latin name: Fructus Crataegi

Part Used: Flower and Leaf

Active Ingredient: Total flavone, Vitexin-2’’-rhamnoside, Hyperoside

Specification: Total flavone 25%,80%,90% UV

Flavonoids (calculated ashyperoside) 6-9% UV

Appearance: Brown Yellow fine powder

Test Method:TLC

Brand:Yongyuan Bio.

Description: Hawthorn leaf extract from Crataegus pinnatifida Bge.Var.Major N.E.Br. or  Crataegus pinnatifida Bge.. It mainly distributed in Chengde of Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi and other places, which mainly contain flavonoids, organic acids, flavanols and other ingredients. Flavonoids in hawthorn leaves is the main active component, studies have shown that the vitexin compounds in flavonoids have good anti-cancer effects. Hawthorn leaves have the effect of activating blood and removing blood stasis, regulating qi and communicating veins, turning turbid and lowering fat, and its medicinal materials and preparations are widely used in clinical practice.

Function: Promoting digest effect, Cardiotonic, Reduce the Lipids and Pressure of Blood, Antibiosis, Scavenging free radical, Diuretic,etc.

Main application: Promoting digestion; strong heart; lowering blood fat and lowering blood pressure; antibiosis; clearing free radicals; diuresis, etc.

 Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.


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