Edelweiss Extract
NAMEEdelweiss Extract  
Category:Ratio herbal extract

Product name:Edelweiss Extract

Latin name: Leontopodium alpinum, Leontopodium leontopodioides(Willd.)Beauv  

Specification: 10:1

Part of used: Whole herb

Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder

Test Method: TLC

Ingredients: Amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, organic acids, phenols, flavones, coumarins, saponins and other components.

Brand: Yongyuan Bio.

Edelweiss Extract Description: Edelweiss is a perennial herbaceous alpine plant of the leontopodium of Compositae, which is listed as a protected plant in many countries and is the national flower of Switzerland. This ingredient is added to the products of MARY KAY LumiVie Series and KOSE Realizing White Series. Edelweiss is highly self-defensive and can withstand harsh weather and other growing environments. Its essence is rich in minerals. It has gentle, calm, whitening and nourishing protective effects on skin. It has excellent effect against skin aging. Researchers found that Edelweiss also has strong detoxification and anti acne effects on skin. Experiments show that the essence of edelweiss can clean the skin gently and deeply, remove the fat and pores in the epidermis, relieve the tension of the skin, soft and not tight. Isolated caffeic acid, vanillic acid, ferulic acid, protocatechuic aldehyde and other chemical ingredients have excellent anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. They can quickly kill acne bacilli and other bacteria causing acne, effectively relieve and calm the skin, alleviate skin sensitivities, swelling and pain caused by acne. At the same time, researchers at the three Swiss research institutes such as La Prairie Clinique, Paul Scheller Institute (PSI) life sciences research center and Institute of Life Sciences, University of Bern have repeatedly tested the beauty and skin care products added with Edelweiss lotion, and found that the Edelweiss extract has excellent penetrability and skin affinity. It can enter the basal layer of skin through the skin aqueduct, doubly promotes self-repair of skin, regenerates damaged cells and broken fibers, restores full and healthy state, gradually eliminates acne, and has excellent repair ability for skin healing and regeneration.

Edelweiss Extract Application: Food, health products and cosmetics etc.

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.

Packing: 25KG/Drum.

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